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Four Specialty Programs Granite Insurance Provides

By September 13, 2021Insurance

Learn More About Our Specialty Programs

Learn More About Our Specialty Programs


Unforeseen things can happen at any time, that’s why it’s always important to have the right insurance policy for your needs. Here at Granite Insurance Agency, a  top-rated insurance company in North Carolina, we provide everyone with premium insurance policies that are tailored to fit your specific needs. While we can provide all kinds of insurance policies to a wide range of individuals, here are the four specialty programs we provide here at Granite Insurance.

Large truck driving on the highway with an orange trailer

Trucking Insurance

The trucking industry provides essential services all around the country. Here at Granite Insurance, we want to make sure truckers and trucking companies are covered with premium trucking insurance to help protect essential workers and businesses.


Rear view of a mansion’s backyard pool with unique architecture

High Net Worth Insurance

If you have a high net worth and large assets, chances are you have unique risks. Granite Insurance provides world-class high net worth insurance policies to help protect those unique risks. We offer everything from home insurance to travel insurance to help keep you covered.


Contractor looking through their phone while going over plansContractor Insurance

While  you may do similar work, no one contracting company is the same. At Granite Insurance, we can provide specialized policies with our contractor insurance to help make sure you, your employees, and your company are protected.


Two older men talking on a park bench outside

Senior Living Facility Insurance

As people get older and older, it’s important to have places where they can safely and comfortably live in their golden years. Granite Insurance provides customized insurance policies to senior living facilities of all kinds.


Looking for the perfect insurance policy to fit your individual or company needs? Granite Insurance is here to help you. We can provide customized policies that keep you or your business covered. Learn more about our specialty insurance policies, or contact Granite Insurance to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your custom insurance policy today!

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